Exploring the Irish consumers intention to use location-aware mobile advertising and its effects on consumer brand loyalty. A study of the Irish FMCG market from the consumer perspective

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Moloney, Robert
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MSc Marketing with Digital Media
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation seeks to assess if location based marketing is an effective communication tool for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers in building consumer loyalty. It will be conducted from the consumer viewpoint. Grocery shoppers purchase behaviour has changed greatly over the last decade and these changes in behaviour have created major challenges for FMCG brand manufacturers. One worrying change is that the degree of loyalty consumers once held for FMCG manufactured brands seems to be eroding away or disappearing all together. As a result there lies a widespread believe that FMCG brand manufacturers need a change of strategy when communicating with their consumers, that a shift away from marketing to the masses is needed which is traditional approach used by FMCG brand managers. This study aims to identify if location based marketing can act as an alternative in building brand loyalty for FMCG manufactured. The widespread adoption and use of Smartphone's amongst the Irish population makes it the ideal channel to reach the vast majority of consumers. To achieve this, an analysis of the literature is undertaken leading to research objectives. These objectives are then assessed through a quantitative analysis of 101 Irish grocery shoppers. The result demonstrate the Irish grocery shoppers willingness to adopt and use location based marketing while shopping. They also show the it can lead to the consumers feeling more valued as a customer, a positive change in attitude toward the communicating firm and an decrease in brand switching behaviour. The final chapter of the dissertation draws conclusions, outlines the implications for brand managers and makes recommendations for future research. Author Keywords: FMCG, Brand Loyalty, Location based Marketing