Guerrilla marketing on the generations X & Y

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dc.description.abstractThis research project will examine the effectiveness of the guerrilla marketing in the current society. This study will focus on the behaviour of the generation X and generation Y in relation with traditional media and guerrilla marketing. The study is focus on Dublin people between 18 and 55 years old. This project is specifically focused at areas concerning emotional response of the customer, brand awareness and purchasing intention in relation with guerrilla marketing. 1 - Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla marketing is an alternative type of advertising which focuses on low-cost marketing tactics and which give unconventional results. The key of guerrilla marketing is surprising the consumer by a high level of creativity. (Dahlen 2009) 2 - Literature Review The rational factors are the price, quality, lifetime of the product, extra services available etc. which influence the consumer decision. However, the consumer motivation not depends only of the rational factor. Touch the customer's emotions enables the brand to have an advantage on their competitors. Then the emotions can also directly affect the purchasing attitudes (Ay, Aytekin & Nardali 2010). In this part, five emotions will be described and their effect on the customer will be explained. The five emotions are the following: humorous, happiness, surprise, shock and hurt/upset. The goal of advertising is to improve brand awareness and image of a particular company by a repeated message. Usually advertising are characterised by wide audiences and high overall costs. It's true than the TV advertising still the pillar of advertising. However it is important to mention that its popularity has faded during the last years, mostly due at the loss of young audience (Belch & Belch, 2009).In this way alternative marketing like guerrilla marketing appear like a new way to improve the awareness level of the company by a new kind of advertising. Increase the brand awareness for increase the sales: this is the goal of advertising. Purchase intention is an essential indicator for the company. The factors which influence the buying intention are for example the pair price/quality, consumer feelings about the product 9 or brand, the level of awareness of the customer about the brand, the level of the consumer’s satisfaction. (Tuu & Olsen, 2012). 3 - Methodology There are three forms of research design strategy – exploratory, descriptive and causal. For this study, a mixed methodology approach will be used. Focus group is an excellent way of uncovering information. People can discuss and debate about different topic or issue in relation with guerrilla marketing (Domegan & Fleming, 2007). One focus group will be conducted with 10 Dublin people. Half from generation X and the second half from generation Y. Then 60 questionnaires will be conducted online and offline. Offline, with a class of Irish student during a course. These students are from the generation Y. And online, with people are from generation X (Domegan & Fleming, 2007). In this part, the researcher will explain the different methods and why the focus group and the questionnaires were the best. There are four stages in this process – editing, coding, tabulation and summarisation. 4 - Data Analysis “Emotional aspect is more import than rational aspect in advertisement” (Francis Shaughnessy). 86% of the respondents are agreed than Guerrilla marketing catches harder the customer attention and these emotions. Both generations are almost agreed than a guerrilla marketing campaign has more impact than traditional media to increase brand awareness (83% of gen Y and 73% of gen X). “If the guerrilla marketing campaign is smart, clever, unusual and create a huge surprise, I want know more about this brand. So, if the guerrilla marketing gathers these elements, yes this type of advertisement increase the brand awareness” (Paul). So 78% of the total respondents are agreed than Guerrilla marketing increase faster and deeper brand awareness. “If one of my friends sends me an advertisement, I will watch it. But if one brand sends me an advertisement online, I delete the message.” (Florian Tué). This is viral marketing / Viral Buzz (Wilson, 2012). “Guerrilla marketing is a good media to attract attention. But this type of advertisement doesn’t give information about the price, the quality, the kind of product…. There is a lack of 10 information. I can’t buy a product if I can’t trust it” (Paul, gen X). 67% of the gen Y are agreed or strongly agreed than Guerrilla marketing has more impact than Traditional Advertising to increase the purchase intention. While, 57% of the gen X think than traditional advertising has more impact than guerrilla marketing to increase the purchase intention. 5 - Conclusion & Recommendations The purpose of this research project is to explore the effectiveness of guerrilla marketing on the generation X and Y, who lives in Dublin. The emotions are essential things in advertising and in particular in guerrilla campaign. Both generations are agreed with that. The generation Y is more affect by shock and happiness emotions. While Generation X is more affect by shock and surprise emotions. The both generations considered guerrilla marketing as a better way to increase brand awareness. And again more if a guerrilla campaign become a viral marketing campaign. Guerrilla marketing increase the impulse purchase and no the purchase intention. However, the campaign creates an impulse purchase only if the viewer’s know already the brand or if there is a challenge and the possibility to buy directly the product. This is confirmed by both the focus group and the questionnaires. Three recommendations were made following the completion of the data analysis. The main emotion of the guerrilla campaign should be shocked or happiness, with high degree of surprise. The guerrilla campaign should encourage the viewer to share this advertisement offline (WOM) and online (social network).The guerrilla campaign should be very unusual and creative. The best thing is to include a game with a guerrilla marketing campaign. Author Keywords: Guerrilla marketing, Street marketing, Ambient marketing, Ambush marketing, Unusual marketingen
dc.identifier.citationDagorn, A. (2015). Guerrilla Marketing on the generations X & Y. Bachelors Final Year Project, Dublin Business School.en
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