GDPR awareness in Ireland

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Garza, Juana
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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The General Data Protection Regulation is an improvement to the existing Data Directive enforced on May 2018, for it to be followed; companies established methods of data processing which caused impact on the European Community. This paper was conducted among residents in Ireland aiming to identify the awareness and perception of people after the enforcement, in which extent they sense control their Personal Data, how aware are of their rights and the level of trust on companies that store information. Using quantitative method to make an exploratory research and deduct the response to the research question a questionnaire was applied to 133 persons, with inquiries about different aspects of the GDPR, obtaining almost 100% of the responses, they were analysed to reach the main objectives. The results obtained were in general terms positive, concluding that even though there are still work to do, awareness endeavours in Ireland have been effective.