Consumer behaviour in the tourism industry: A quantitative study of Social Media Influencers' impact on Brazilian millennials.

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Barros Nunes, Nara
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Aim: The study aimed to investigate the influence of Social Media Influencers endorsement on purchase intention in the tourism context and how each of the endorser's credibility dimensions influences this relationship. Method: A deductive research approach and survey strategy were used for the development of this research. The sample population consists of Millennials consumers in Brazil, selected by a convenience sampling process. The questionnaire was distributed on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Instagram to the participants. The data collected were analysed through a descriptive and inferential statistic, carried out with the support of the SPSS software. Results: The results of the present study made it possible to empirically support the relationship between Social Media Influencer endorsement and purchase intention and the hypotheses related to dimensions of celebrity credibility: attractiveness, trustworthiness, and expertise. The analyses showed that the credibility dimension positively influences the intention to buy. SPSS was used to conduct a Spearman’s correlation, which showed a significant correlation between trustworthiness and expertise towards purchase intention. Conclusion/Recommendation: Lastly, several suggestions were made for future investigations related to this subject. The results provided relevant inputs for businesses to be aware of the right choice of the SMI to endorse their products and services. This research verified the substantive validity of some constructs involved in the SMIs scenario and their followers, proving that credibility can impact positively traveller's intention to choose travel destinations.