An investigation into the use of viral marketing for the companies and the key success factors of a good viral campaign

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Dufour, Carole
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BA (Hons) in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this study is to understand the Companies’ objectives by launching viral campaigns but also discover what the key success factors of a good campaign are. The secondary research provides learning about viral marketing as a marketing process with a case study that alarmed about the viral risk. At present, there is no theory about the key success factors of a good viral campaign but some bribes of what is working or not in the current trend. Viral campaigns are becoming important in the promotion of product or services and it was interesting to discover how Companies use this particular tool and how the consumer is reacting. With theoretical framework, I analysed the results of my interview with a Community Manager who works for N°10 Agency, an agency specialized in communication 2.0 and specialized in new tools of communication like buzz and viral campaigns. I explain the role, the tools and the actors of viral marketing as a communication strategy. However, I also cover the viral risk; an important part that could not be avoid anymore. Thanks to the survey, I assessed the impact of viral marketing among the generation Y. The results show that people spread the word fast and spread it for the family circle and friends. This huge network of people is still the most relevant tool for marketers The key success factors are more likely the funny and innovative campaigns that reach the attentions of the consumers. The success is also due to the actors like bloggers and buzz makers, which trigger the interest of the public. Regardless, trends are evolving to fast and companies have to face with the disinterest of the consumer. We can also raise the issue of the future for viral marketing. Author keywords: Viral marketing, communication, key success factors