C.A.L.F.R.R. - Computer Aided Learning for Rugby Referees

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Devitt, Eddie
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BSc in Computer Science
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation has been undertaken as a result of the authors ken interest in the area of Computer Aided Learning and refereeing. The aim of this report is to classify what Computer Aided Learning is, what areas has it been used before and can CAL be used to facilitate the training of rugby referees? The report was constructed firstly by conducting secondary research, which focused mainly on research carried out in England and the United States. Can Computer Aided Learning be used to facilitate the training of referees? That is the underlying question of this dissertation. There is massive scope for the development of Computer Aided Learning outside its traditional field, education. Already CAL has been used to determine the weather and it has also been used for aerobic beginners. That is why the area of sport poses an ideal field to examine whether CAL can be applied to rugby referees. The results have shown that this dissertation has proven that Computer Aided Learning can be used to facilitate the training of referees.