The impact of Guiness's rebranding on consumer's perception of the brand

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Mauranx, Lucie
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this research project was to identify the impact of Guinness’s rebranding on consumer’s perception of brand image. We decided to focus on this subject because it concerned one of the most famous brands of the world but also because it seemed to be interesting to understand if Guinness’s reputation and image were enough strong to not have been affected by a strategic changes as rebranding. Therefore our research question was: How Guinness rebranding has led to establish/reinforce its reputation? To achieve our research question, we decided to establish a quantitative method based on questionnaire s. Furthermore, we chose to administrate these questionnaires on Internet and face-to-face in streets and stores. These surveys enabled us to answer to our research question and also to achieve our objectives. Indeed, thanks to the data analysis, we learned that Guinness’s rebranding was not known to all consumers but when after we explained Guinness’s rebranding to respondents, they considered that Guinness was too much famous to be affected by this event. Conversely, this rebranding allowed Guinness to spread a new fresh image trough its advertising campaigns and to become more and more famous internationally. Author keywords: Guinness, re-branding, brand image