Facilitators and barriers to successful project Implementation in the Irish Healthcare setting

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Hynes, Maeve
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Dublin Business School
Healthcare organisations have embraced the role of project manager and adopted project management practices for many years in Ireland. The delivery of healthcare is changing and transformative projects are on the increase as organisations benefit from successful implementation with improved work processes, enhanced quality and safety of patient care. The aim is to explore and identify facilitators and barriers to successful project implementation in the Irish Healthcare setting. The methodology included development and circulation of an online survey to project managers with experience working in this setting. Data analysed using Microsoft® Excel and qualitative data with thematic analysis. The results identify stakeholder engagement, leadership, project management practices and communication as facilitators. Barriers to overcome are poor definition of project requirements, lack of feedback and rejection by users. To conclude, recommendations for project managers to incorporate stakeholder engagement, project management practices and effective communication to positively influence project implementation success.