Cultivating a compassionate self through meditation

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Simeonidou, Chrissa-Chrysoula
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Contemplative traditions for millennia contemplated Compassion as a fundamental part of humanity, and in recent years, it has received major scientific interest. This paper is an attempt to provide a deeper understanding of Buddhist Meditational practices in cultivating Compassionate contact. Using a qualitative methodology, this study explored meditational insights of five advanced meditators, using semi-structured interviews. Interviews were transcribed and analyzed using an inductive thematic analysis, within essentialist/realist approach. Four themes emerged {1} the psychological art of meditation, {2} the cultivation of compassionate human being, {3} understanding who we are through meditation, {4} Buddha nature. Although further research is essential, the current state of evidence illustrates participant’s meditational experiences and the potential benefits for the individual and the society.