Perception of franchising in Ireland

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Makaraite, Ingrida
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MA in Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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Business format franchising is a method of business development, which is widely used in order to enable businesses to expand rapidly. In recent years, franchising has grown in the world and has become a popular way of conducting business in various business sectors. The growth of franchising is understandable because both parties the franchisor and the franchisee can offer each other the complimentary resources. Franchising has also developed in Ireland over the past few years. It contributed to Ireland's economic growth by generating profits and opportunities. The research is focused on franchising in Ireland. It outlines the challenges, perceived advantages and attractiveness of the franchise business. The purpose of this research is to discover the barriers that have to be overcome within the franchise business model for the franchisor in order to be successful in Ireland. The results show that franchising is an acknowledged business model in Ireland and that it has further opportunities to be developed for the nearest future. The key findings of this dissertation are the positive business relationship management and maintenance of the franchise business support. The analysis shows that franchisors believe that positive and mutual working relationship and business support make their franchise business model attractive to the franchisees. The attractiveness of the franchise business model is a solution to the business growth and success.