Attitude of the millennial generation towards cryptocurrency

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Patil, Pratim Shekhar
Issue Date
MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this study was to analyze and understand the attitude of the millennial generation towards cryptocurrency. This topic of Cryptocurrency is in the growth stage and hence the understanding of the attitude of this generation shall be an addition to the current study available on cryptocurrencies. This dissertation will be beneficial to the upcoming or existing companies or offerers of cryptocurrency to estimate their future viability based on the millennial generation’s attitude. The results were formed based on the data collected through interviews of eight millennials from different professional background but having awareness about cryptocurrency. The questionnaire was formed to collect data about knowledge, experience, trust, and other investment factors of the millennials towards cryptocurrency. The research aimed to analyze the data collected and conclude the overall attitude of millennial generation towards cryptocurrency. This report focuses on the numerous factors and challenges that go into the decision-making process of the typical millennial investors. We can conclude that the millennials have positively accepted the concept of cryptocurrency but are doubtful when it comes to actual trading since they lack proper awareness and skills to do. But the experienced millennials have accepted it as a useful financial asset after. Thereby, the overall study on Cryptocurrency would help one to understand the merits and demerits of it in the present world along with the logical reasoning that has given a direction to the findings.