Accessibility for the elderly in modern retail banking in rural Ireland

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Tysall, Christopher
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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Satisfying the ever changing needs of society is the task faced by all businesses within the world today. Faced with an increasing demand for online based services, businesses are transforming the way in which they are choosing to interact with their customers. Such a transformation is currently taking place within the banking industry today, where the development of web based services, coupled with recent large scale closures of bank branches, is having a revolutionary effect on how these banks and their customers are communicating. Whilst it may be seen that transferring to a more digital approach is most appropriate for these banks given the technology driven world we are now living in; this paper looks to examine whether such a transformation is appropriate for all members of its customer base, specifically the oldest generations within society. By examining the elderly perspective regarding their communication with their bank, this paper aims to give an insight as to whether a total digital transformation is the most appropriate means of progressing within the world today, or whether such a process could have negative connotations in future.