A Case Study of Two County Libraries' Motivations in Archiving/Collecting Local Irish History and Folklore

The aim of this dissertation is to investigate the motivation behind why local Irish history and folklore is being archived/collected in two example county libraries. This study employed an inductive, qualitative research approach utilising a three-case case study methodology. The primary data was gathered via three semi-structured interviews with open-format questions, interviews were transcribed, and subsequent coding and analysis was thematic in nature. This research found that a fundamental motivating factor for archiving/collecting lies in the power and social memory of the archive/collection which embodies the significance of its existence and cultural identity which impacts locally, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, the material type often affects whether material is archived/collected, and while there are relationships between the libraries, libraries and the NFC, and archivists and librarians, connections are informal and inconsistent. In conclusion, much evidence of a complex motivation and collection of material, with informal but nonetheless interconnected relationships was established.