Staff motivation and its impact on performance in a retail environment

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Ray, Jason
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BA of Business
Dublin Business School
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The main objective of my study; staff motivation and its impact on performance in a retail environment is to gain sufficient knowledge of how motivation can impact the performance of staff in the retail environment. Given the incredibly important role staff play in the daily running of a retail company it is established that motivation plays an essential part in the performance of the company. This takes us to the problem statement of what would not be regarded as a true motivator impacting on employee performance. To enhance my understanding of this study three theories have been chosen these include; Herzberg two-factor theory, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Vroom’s expectancy theory. In addition to this performance recognition was researched. My research involved both qualitative and quantitative method where I conducted interviews and designed questionnaires. These interviews and questionnaires were carried out at two of the country’s leading retail outlets Brown Thomas and Arnotts, where having a highly motivated sales team and delivering top quality customer service is what seperates them from the rest. Upon carrying out my research at these two companies I developed a data analysis to represent the data collected from the interviews and questionnaires, and also to discuss the findings of the research.