Life satisfaction: The role of relationships, core values, income, age and distance between couples

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Gingles, Kayla
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This study explored the impact of relationship satisfaction, core values, age, and income on levels of life satisfaction. This study accessed 142 Canadian females. A cross sectional mixed methods design was used with a correlational aspect. Participants in this study completed an online questionnaire which consisted of a satisfaction with life scale, a relationship assessment scale, and a list of values scale. This study also consisted of 2 qualitative questions. Findings included partners earned income and relationship satisfaction significantly predicted life satisfaction but age did not. There was no significant difference between long distance or short distance relationships on relationship satisfaction scores. As well this study found no significant difference between the levels of income earned on relationship satisfaction or life satisfaction scores. Qualitative data explored many aspects of life that could be improved to increase overall happiness. Much previous research was supported by the results from this study. Author Keywords: Life Satisfaction, Relationship Satisfaction, Income, Age, Core Values