Investigation of acculturative stress and social support in relation to negative affect among Chinese in Ireland

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Zhu, Mo
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The welfare, benefit and well-being of the international students have been ignored for a long time by the mainstream of society. The current study was an attempt to investigate the relationship between the Negative Affect and Acculturative Stress in relation to Social Support among the Chinese international students in Ireland. A total number of 103 (47 males, 56 females) respondents participated in this self-administered questionnaires style within subject study. It was found that there was a positive correlation between acculturative stress and perceived negative affect among the Chinese international students (β = .370, p = .000, 95% CI = .091 - .273); and there was not enough evidence indicated there was correlation between Social Supports and Perceived Negative Affect (β = -.028, p = .764, 95% CI = -.313 – .231). The results were discussed in relation to different research findings of Social Support, Acculturative Stress and Negative Affect. Future directions for research are suggested. Author keywords: International student, negative affect, acculturative stress, social support, culture shock, homesickness, racial discrimination