Do age/gender, religious affiliation/sexual orientation predict negative attitudes against homosexuality & civil unions

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Phelan, Liam
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Previous studies that set out to investigate attitudes towards homosexuals were carried out in the u.s. on middle class Caucasian students with views of ethnic minority groups going unrepresented. The aim of this study was to investigate attitudes towards homosexuals held by Irish students and non national students living in around Ireland. Attitudes which were expressed were compared with intrinsic religiosity and gender held by the same person. A sample of 60 completed a self reported questionnaire in a mixed design study. The data was analysed using independent samples t-test to test correlations between groups; bar charts were used to look at different response to social attitudes. No significant correlation was found between genders, significant differences were found between the Irish sample and the non Irish sample in relation to religion. The strong link between civil unions and adoption was also tested, with more negative attitudes placed on adoption than civil unions.