Recall of meaningful information visually or aurally presented based on the primacy and recency effect

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Walsh, Yvonne
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of the current study was to discover if presentation modality had an effect on recall and also if meaningful information had a superior recall when compared with miscellaneous information. Word and image lists were presented of miscellaneous and a mix of miscellaneous and meaningful information. A laptop with speakers, white screen and power point program were used to carry out this study. 86 participants took part in the study. The design was an independent samples design. The dependent variable was the amount of words recalled. The independent variable had four levels, meaningful, miscellaneous, visual and auditory groups. Results showed a significant difference between recall of meaningful and miscellaneous information. Experiment two did not show a significant result between presentation modalities. Conclusions drawn were inconclusive due to confounding variables.