The psychological effects of unemployment : an exploratory study of unemployed groups in a semi-state training agency, with particular reference to the government initiative - the national employment action plan

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Newman, Maria
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BA Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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The Psychological Effects of Unemployment: An exploratory study of Unemployed Groups in a Semi-State Training Agency, with particular reference to the Government Initiative, The National Employment Action Plan. This study articulates the psychological effects of unemployment on FAS participants in training. The three groups that participated in the study were, Early School Leavers, the Long-Term Unemployed and a mixed group of returners to the workforce. The study establishes the effectiveness of the training intervention, comparing those who came voluntarily to FAS and those who were referred under the National Employment Action Plan. How people felt in relation to this process was also explored. The study uses both quantitative and qualitative research as an approach. It uses both questionnaire and Focus Groups to analyse issues emerging from the perspective of FAS participants in training. It emerged from the study that those who participated in the study perceive that being unemployed does have a psychological effect and that current provisions for assisting those who are unemployed needs to change. The findings confirm the views expressed in the literature and would indicate that a clear shift in Government policy is required in relation to the unemployment debate; a move from a purely economic model to a more holistic, integrated approach. It is proposed to distribute the results of this research through the chain of command in FAS, in the hope that further research will take place which may assist in reducing the negative psychological effects of unemployment on the individual.