Examining the effectiveness of the usage of social networking sites and job boards in recruitment agencies in Ireland

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Andreanska, Petra
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MA Human Resource Management
Dublin Bussiness School
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The aim of this dissertation was to examine the effectiveness of the usage of social networking sites and jobs boards in Irish recruitment agencies. This study is a response to the need to provide an in-depth analysis of the impact of social networking sites on recruitment activities. Whether the use of social networking sites is more beneficial to recruiters than jobs boards is a contemporary issue in the field of Human Resource Management that needed to be investigated further. The aims and objectives of this study were investigated using two methods of data collection. Firstly, a review of the relevant literature was carried out. Secondly, a survey strategy with deductive approach was used for this dissertation. The survey focused on recruiters working in Irish recruitment agencies. The results of this study have confirmed that introduction of social networking sites has changed the total character of recruitment activities and has influenced the way how recruiters search, screen, attract and communicate with candidates. Data findings in this research show that the use of social networking sites is beneficial significantly for recruitment agencies nowadays. However, if its use is more beneficial than the use of jobs boards, it is still not clear. The results in this research confirmed that existent and the use of both recruitment methods (social networking sites and jobs boards) is essential for daily activities in Irish recruitment agencies. The replacement of one method by another would be not beneficial and smart choice for recruiters. Outcomes point out that the best approach seems to be combination of both recruitment methods because each method includes some advantages and disadvantages