The future of internet banking

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Morley, Donal
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BA (Hons) BIM
Portobello College
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Has Internet Banking a realistic future or will it all come crashing down with a big bang? I set out with an aim of gaining a thorough knowledge of this relatively new concept and to figure out whether or not the public will eventually realise the convenience factor involved with banking online. Some people will never change and will always prefer looking at a bank teller in the eye when they make a financial transaction. With online banking those long lunch time queues can be a thing of the past. The Internet is changing the way businesses work. And it's changing the way banks work too. Now, you can do your banking without leaving the office, saving time and streamlining the banking process with online transactions, electronic transfers, tax payments, and other critical financial tasks. I see constant enhancements being made in the future which will attract more and more customers. I also see "Clicks and Mortar" banks becoming a more dominant player in the coming years. The coming of age of true W AP mobile phone will really have a major influence in attracting customers to online banking. I myself see a bright electronic future and can see the range of services getting wider and wider.