A comparison of overt, covert and ambivalent sexism in male and female college students

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Doyle, Leanne
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Levels of egalitarian attitudes in college students were investigated to distinguish between sexism levels of males and females. The effect of education was investigated. Participants numbered 212 (females n 114, males n = 98). The majority of participants were Irish (n = 162) and Catholic (n =132). The majority of students were 18-23 years of age. Participants were chosen by subject and year of study. Levels of sexism were tested using the Neosexism Scale, the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory and the Attitudes Towards Women Scale. A significant association between gender and all three scales was found. A significant association was found between subject and Neosexism. No significant associations between year of study or religion were found. The results of this study support socially progressive programmes such as Affirmative Action.