Formal volunteering in child listening services: the motivating factors and relative impact on volunteers

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Barrett, Caitriona
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this research was to understand the motivating factors by which individuals engage in child-based listening services, their expectations prior to commencing their role, had their expectations been met and the reasoning behind why their remain in their role to date. Four semi-structured interviews were conducted which examined the experiences of each participant. Thematic Analysis was used to identify the themes which were found in each of the interviews. Interviews were transcribed and coded to understand these subthemes which led to the creation of five main themes which included volunteer supports, motivators, frustration, benefits and difficulties in volunteering. The results found that the volunteers all had a shared interest in working with children either in a professional or volunteering setting. Participants experienced a great amount of difficulties and frustration in their roles, however, the benefits which they described seemed to outweigh the negative aspects which was the motivating factor for them to remain in the role. The participants also described a large amount of support available to them through the organisation in the form of supervisors, counselling services and friendships.