How the internet influences brand awareness : the internet's impact on small businesses' marketing communications - a Nolan Kitchens case study

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Pankajakshan, Sujatha
Issue Date
MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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Today, businesses operate in an increasingly competitive market that's been influenced by the digital revolution which has fragmented markets and given rise to a new generation of consumers. This means that marketers have to adapt the businesses' marketing strategies to capture new audiences. Building a strong brand has become vital for businesses looking for a niche market in this environment. The topic for this dissertation is based on this background and looks at how the internet has influenced traditional branding concepts and examines how it can be useful to have an online presence for a business irrespective of its size. This is done by using a local family owned business as a case study and investigating how having a new website as part of a new marketing strategy has influenced the brand awareness attribute of their brand. A strong understanding of theoretical concepts was first formed by extensively reviewing existing literature in the research topic area. How these concepts are applied in real life was then examined by carrying out quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis exercises. This study has helped the researcher develop an insight into branding and the influence of online media on brand awareness. The findings of how online media affects brand awareness, especially, for a small business is hoped to be an important contribution to the already existing body of knowledge in this area. It would also help the case study organisation develop their own insights into their current online marketing strategy and develop it accordingly.