Socially responsible investment in France

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Schultz, Terence
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MA of Business Administration (international)
Dublin Business School
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Business organisations are among the most powerful social entities in our world. Within the last decade socially responsible investment has been gaining importance across the business community. Ethical behaviour in today's world is a precious asset and financial issues constitute a great challenge for organisations. Some investigations show that there are a lot of initiatives to develop ethical finance. Socially responsible investments aim to consider social and environmental impact of organisations on the long term economical growth. These concepts are influencing the actions of a growing number of institutions and organisations. New approaches estimate that stakeholders can influence on the ethical, social and environmental considerations in organisations. Moreover the demand of particular investors and institutional investors increase on socially responsible investments. This dissertation, as part of a growing literature, seeks to underline actual practices in organisations and develop the understanding of that kind of investments. It also tries to create an overview of the actual student's background. The purpose of this research is to estimate the actual comprehension and expectations of students in a master level of finance on Socially Responsible Investment. There is a lack of research on Socially Responsible Investments in France. This study will provide organisations an overview on the current situation and help to understand and organise future development in that particular area. Research findings are based on the literature and the administration of a survey with students. This study attempts to fill a gap in the existing literature on socially responsible investments focus on the comprehension and expectations of master students in finance. These students have a particular role to play because they will be concerned as manager but also as particular investors. This point of view should be very interesting to underline. Their perception can be useful for organisation to deal with change or improvement of Socially Responsible Investment policies and practices.