Corporate University : tailor made for strategic business goal achievement

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Myles, Carina
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MA of Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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This paper sets out to establish if the design of a corporate university creates a positive effect on strategic goal achievement. A review of literature in the area was undertaken to establish current academic thinking on the subject. The objective of this review was to identify areas where a corporate university design could benefit from current theory and highlight areas where theoretical perspectives would benefit from some revision in order to reflect current practices in reality. The purpose of this research paper is to establish if a clear set of 'best practices and principles' exist in the design of a corporate university that reflects positively on strategic goal achievement. From my literature review it appears that no clear set of 'best practices and principles exist', however, I was able to identify eight key elements that are critical to the development of a corporate university and aid in the achievement of attaining strategic goals. This provided me with the foundation to develop a framework and model 'A unified Corporate University Development Programme' to provide structure for my research process. The eight key elements identified are as follows: ~ Governance and Reporting Structure ~ Knowledge Management ~ Technology and Globalisation ~ Learning Partners ~ Value Chain ~ Competitive Effectiveness and Strategic Business Goal Achievement 'Y Measurement and Evaluation ~ Branding and Image These formed the basis of my analysis and the development of 'best practices and principles' for a corporate university design that will have a positive effect on strategic goal achievement. I analysed my data in respect of the unified model developed and it is clear that all of the key elements identified are critical to the successful development of a corporate university. It is clear from the analysis that corporate universities are developed to assist in the achievement of competitive advantage. They provide a knowledge gateway to the changing global environment and technological advances that challenge the sustainability of organisations today.