The impact of fringe benefits on employee turnover and organisational commitment

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Abey, James Joseph
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MA of Business Administration (international)
Dublin Business School
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Today major companies are keen to maintain good employer employee relationship. Fringe benefit plays a pivotal role in every organisation's reward system. Organisations in Ireland are providing a wide range of fringe benefits to satisfy their employees. In this research, the researcher tries to find out the role of fringe benefit and its relation with staff turnover and organisational commitment in company 'x'. For this the researcher has developed two hypothesis and two questions are answered. For this, the researcher made questionnaire which was answered by the staff of company 'x'. 47 samples were selected from company 'x'. This has helped the researcher to find out the answers for the question and to prove the hypothesis. Both primary data and secondary data were collected for data analysis. The researcher made a questionnaire for primary data and the researcher used online journals and different website for secondary data. M.S excel has been used for the data presentation. Different charts, figures and table are also been used. From the research, the researcher understood that fringe benefit has a significant role in reducing staff turnover and it can increase the organisation commitment of employees in a company. On the basis of research, the researcher has made proper conclusions and recommendations.