What is the relationship between affect and body esteem in athletes and non-athletes ? Does gender influence this relationship?

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McKiernan, Deirdre
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of the current study was to investigate the relationship between Affect and Body Esteem in Athletes and Non-Athletes. The materials used consisted of the Affect Balance Scale and the Body Esteem Scale. A stratified random sample of 40 Athletic members of the Breaffy GAA football team and a convenient sample of 40 non-athletes from the general public was used (30 females, 50 males). Each respondent completed one Affect Balance Scale and one Body Esteem Scale following the directions stated. The respondents' scores were totalled as per instructions on the questionnaires sheets and the data was entered into a data set. A non-parametric correlational design was used. A Spearman correlation test indicated a negative correlation between Affect and Body Esteem for non-athletes, which was approaching significance (rs= -.268, n = 36, p<0.05), and a negative correlation between Affect and Body Esteem for males (rs = -.244, n = 42, p<0.05]. A Mann Whitney U test indicated a significant correlation between Body Esteem and gender (U=347, n = 42, 26, p=0.05) and Body Esteem and athletic participation (U= 366.5, n = 32, 36, p<0.05). The results also indicated a significant correlation between Affect for athletes and non-athletes (U=583.5, n=40,40, p<0.05).