Employee retention strategies in Gauff Consultants (Nigeria) Limited. A case study on Gauff Consultants Nigerial Limited

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Odubanjo, Damilola
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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In today’s business world, employee retention is an important element of success to many organisations. Different studies have been done in the field, as researchers hope to figure out what retention factors are truly important to keep employees content and also to reduce turnover in organisations. In the engineering consultancy sector in Nigeria, companies strive to get the best and experienced employees; this competition has made it tougher to retain employees. This study’s primarily focus is to understand the employees’ perception in regards to the retention strategies employed by Gauff consultants and also to suggest recommendations so as to hold on to its employees. The researcher developed and tested the hypothesis that employee retention strategies prevent employee turnover in Gauff consultants. The population for the study were 18 out of 35 taken from the company. Non –statistical and statistical data methods were also used to analyse the data. This study contains mainly 6 chapters. The first chapter is the introduction where the topic is introduced and the objectives were stated. The second chapter reviews the works, studies and also models which are relevant to this study. These were then reviewed and analysed. The third chapter is based on the research methodology and how the researcher collected data so as to carry out the research. The gathered data were then analysed and discussed in chapter 4. The results provided the researcher data which was then processed and analysed to spring up suggestions and recommendations which were discussed in chapter 5. The final chapter includes the discussion of the researchers’ skill development throughout the phase of the dissertation and the MBA program. Author keywords: Employee retention strategies, motivation, employee turnover, employee satisfaction, Nigeria