The Changes In Generation X And Millennials Consumption Behaviours Of Whiskies And White Spirits In The North Of France And The Reasons For Those Changes

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Meuret, Anais
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Dublin Business School
This research aimed at study the changes in generation X and millennials consumption behaviours of whiskies and white spirits in the North of France and the reasons for the changes. Two research method were used, a quantitative and qualitative one. A Google Form questionnaire was created to determine the differences in the consumers’ behaviours of two generations, 169 answers were collected analysed through an Excel Sheet. The data were crossed regarding the gender and drinking habits of the consumers. The quantitative study found out that the most important attributes when purchasing a whisky or white spirit for both generations was the taste, followed by the price, the brand, and knowledge. Men would more likely consume spirits pure and women in cocktails. 8 individual in-depth interviews of 30 minutes were conducted for the qualitative analysis, following different themes linked to the questionnaire, they were analysed through Nvivo. The way and moment of consumption as well as the factors that could negatively influence a purchase were the most different findings between both generations. Millennials were consuming whisky during a tasting moment when white spirits were mostly for cocktails and parties. Generation X consumed whisky, mostly with coke and white spirits as a digestif or in cocktails. To conclude, the price was seen as a quality guarantee for millennials and the packaging had to follow certain ideas generation X had of a spirit. Millennials were going towards a premiumization of their purchase and both generations linked those products to a social life and social events. Social media and influencers could impact a millennial’s purchase while generation X was more impacted by in-store communication.