Assessment of challenges associated with managing a culturally diverse healthcare workforce

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Rataul, Harseerat
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Healthcare centres face some of the biggest challenges like handling the human resource management, introducing new policies for improving the work ability of the members, and solving the problem arising due to cultural diversity. Business strategies are developed and introduced by the management for increasing the rights of the members working with the healthcare centres. The demand of the patients worldwide is increasing, and thus it is imperative to introduce new policies and strategies for improving the performances. However, the cultural diversity issues impacts the business execution and enables the management to handle the issues in the right manner. By handling such issues it is possible for the company to provide a fair work conditions to the members. The biggest challenge faced by the healthcare departments is recruiting and retaining the best employees of the company. By handling the issue such as the cultural differences and diversity it is possible for the management to provide the best work culture and atmosphere to the company. Cultural diversity impacts the ability of the company to recruit the right type of candidates for the organisational and encourage the members to work for the organisational objectives. Majorities of the healthcare centres develop and introduce an effective workforce for increasing the performances of the staffs. By introducing an effective training and developmental program, it is possible for the managers to analyse the challenges that would be used for handling different issues faced by the staffs at the workplace. Issues such as racial and ethnic values are analysed by reducing different barriers that impacts the healthcare centres. Through an effective strategy, it is possible for the members to develop the best strategies for increasing the performances of the healthcare centres. The strategies are developed for improving the activities that are quite essential for encouraging the performances of the staffs. By reducing the challenges associated with the cultural diversity issues, it is possible for the companies to implement new policies for increasing the performances of the staffs working for the company. Author keywords: Cultural diversity, challenges of HR professionals, effective cross cultural management, healthcare management