Developing new information system for NORDIP : final report

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Zaliene, Laura
Issue Date
MSc Information and Library Management
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this report is to research, assess and provide final recommendations for NORDIP to develop a new electronic system in order to improve information management, storage and discovery. Our insight into organizational context of NORDIP, current information management setting and great opportunities presented by Horizon2020, allowed to define the key functional requirements for the new system:  Centralization of information management  Security and scalability  Easy discovery of information  User-centred approach Also, further examination of the ways other organizations improved their IP (Intellectual Property) management provided a better insight into possible solutions for NORDIP. Therefore, our final recommendations include:  Phasing the project following Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method.  Outsourcing software with an option to customize it for NORDIP needs, instead of developing it “in-house”.  Using cloud computing services to facilitate resource and software sharing among regional offices.  Adopting user centred approach, i.e. collect data and feedback during various stages of the project to achieve “best fit” for organization.  Setting up separate networks for NORDIP staff, research organizations, general public and industry partners in order to provide varying access to IP.  Implementing a robust network security system (firewalls, encryption, scannable badges to access physical NORDIP facilities)  Acquiring open source operating software in order to cut costs, support overall Norwegian “open government” approach and avoid commercial vendor “lock-in”.  Estimated costs - € 80 000 (cost breakdown provided in section 8.2)  Proposed time frame – 11 months.