The impact of pphubbing and age on present/absence and well-being within romantic relationships

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Grace, Olivia
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
The aim of this correlational study was to investigate the link between smartphone overuse and levels of Present Absence and Satisfaction with Life within romantic relationships. It also sought to establish a correlation between, age a smartphone is first used and Present Absence. Purposive sampling was used to recruit psychology and business college students as well as the general public. Inclusion criteria was smartphone ownership and minimum age eighteen. A demographic questionnaire followed by four self-report questionnaires, Pphubbing Scale, Present Absence Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale and Smartphone Addiction Scale, were used to test the hypotheses and SPSS 24 was used for statistical analysis. The results indicated a strong significant negative correlation between age of first ownership and Present Absence and also found a strong significant positive correlation between smartphone addiction and Present Absence. These findings are significant in providing direction for smartphone usage in adults but particularly among children.