Pro-environmental issues for businesses today; the marketing influence on greener buyer behaviour inside modern societies.

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Voirin, Caroline
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MA Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Environmental causes represent today a mainstream topic. Protect the Earth and develop citizen or societal actions are surprisingly entering business affairs. Consequently, eco-friendly products are flourishing on stores shelves inside supermarkets; ethical charters of companies are communicating through media and present within every selling point; famous brand name are associated to global causes and associations In other word, green marketing is everywhere and targets of these environmental messages are therefore again too unclear. Taking into consideration by theorists since earlier 70’s; many literatures have been writing on the green marketing thematic with the goal to define this notion, its context or again its key success factors. Other behavioural and psycho-sociological theories belonging to the consumer buyer behaviour study have been reused according to the green purchase decision making process. This paper will review some of these literatures to give an appropriate understanding of the green marketing notion and its evolving stage through time. Then, this dissertation aims to give an interpretation of the green purchase intention of consumers in relation to their own eco-beliefs and concerns; with the view to measure the marketing influence in the eco-purchase process. To do that, research objectives and hypothesis have been formulated according to previous theories and primary research composed by three in-depth interviews; one focus group and one questionnaire sent to 196 persons have been realized to update literatures and giving new knowledge on the current business eco-involvement issues. Results show that adopting a greener behaviour is become essential for every kind of companies today for several reasons. Not only to improve market shares but also to improve their BtoB strategy. Then, consumers are aware about environmental issues but efforts from powerful organisms have to be making to change mentality and consumption habits.