Attachment at work: Increasing authenticity & wellbeing among Irish workers through attachment psychoeducation training

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Cowley, Shane
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of attachment styles on authenticity and wellbeing in the context of work and to examine the efficacy of brief attachment-based psychoeducation on authenticity and wellbeing among workers in Ireland. Using a quasi-experimental design 44 full time workers in Ireland completed paper and online questionnaires 3 - 4 weeks apart. In the experimental group (N=26) a short attachment-based psychoeducational training was tested for its effect on work attachment, authenticity, perceived stress and job satisfaction. Results indicated a significant increase in authenticity among those who received attachment psychoeducation between surveys who also had significantly lower levels of perceived stress compared to the control group. There was a significant positive correlation between workers higher in secure work attachment with higher levels of authenticity and job satisfaction. In conclusion, findings show attachment psychoeducation has a significant positive effect on authenticity levels and wellbeing in workers.