The future of the Irish clothing industry in the aftermath of the Celtic Tiger

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O'Carroll, Sarita
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MA of Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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Since the 1980's a changing Irish economy has impacted significantly on Irelands traditional sectors, in particular clothing. Rising costs, labour shortages, tight margins and an ever-increasing competitive environment resulted in many companies closing. Other companies undertook outsourcing production as a means to secure competitiveness. However, this was a reactive based approach, as companies did not ultimately change their underlying strategies to meet the demanding environment and evolving marketplace. The purpose of this research will be to ascertain if there is a future for Irish clothing companies operating from an Irish base? If so what does that future hold in terms for Irish clothing companies? What changes do individual companies need to undertake in order to ensure their future survival or growth? Findings: The key findings of this dissertation concluded there is a future for Irish clothing companies. That future, is however dependent on individual companies within the industry undergoing and engaging in more pro-active measures in order to facilitate their future survival and growth. Individual companies need to incorporate both marketing and design into their strategic decision making process. Companies also need to listen to the market place and pre-empt changes as opposed to being followers of others.