Computer animations on mobile phones

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Cussen, John
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BSc in Computer Science
Dublin Business School
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Computer animation is an industry that is growing rapidly and is being accepted more by the fans of animation. The increasing growth of computer power is making computer animation better and is allowing the animators to develop new and improved tools to make our imaginations a reality. In this dissertation I will be covering computer animation and it can be sent to mobile phones. First I will be covering the area of animation and how it was achieved using the traditional animation techniques. Then I will be talking about the evolution of computer graphics and the techniques that were used to achieve it. I will also be talking about how the film industry has been using computer animation to bring peoples imaginations to life. Then I will be using Toy Story as a case study and will be talking about the techniques that Pixar used to the story to life. This will then lead me to my main topic on how computer animation could be sent to mobile phones. Finally I will be discussing the future of computer animation and then I will be drawing my conclusions on the area.