A study of Irish female attitudes towards fashion video advertising on Facebook and YouTube

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Kelly, Alison
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MSc Marketing with Digital Media
Dublin Business School
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“Attitude is one of the most essential issues in advertising effectiveness” (Saadeghvaziri, Dehdashti and Askarabad 2013). Advertising is constantly evolving and at an unprecedented rate. An advertisers’ main objective in marketing communications is to persuade a consumer’s attitude that will lead to favourable results. A consumer’s attitude towards an advert, plays an important role in their attitude towards the brand, and attitude towards purchase intention. Advertisers are constantly trying to understand and predict consumer attitudes. Consumer attitudes and advertising have received a lot of academic attention over the past number of years, however none specifically regarding attitudes towards fashion video advertising online. This dissertation explores female attitudes towards fashion video advertising on Facebook and YouTube. This research reveals various findings that have been unidentified in previous academic literature. The research methodology undertaken is exploratory and qualitative in nature. In-depth interviews were conducted in order for the researcher to obtain detailed responses, which revealed female opinions and attitudes towards the research topic at hand. The outcome of this endeavour is providing an understanding of female attitudes towards video advertising online, which is hoped to provide a point of reference for future research appropriate to academics and practitioners alike. Author keywords: Attitudes, video advertising, online advertising