Development and implementation of records management policies and procedures in Cocoa Bean

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Zaliene, Laura
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MSc Information and Library Management
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this report is to present a business case for Cocoa Bean, a medium size confectionary manufacturing company, for development and implementation of a new records management system. Our insight into Cocoa Bean organizational context and current records management practices, allowed to define key issues that need addressing: Records management is not recognized as an integral function of the organization. Records management policy is not developed and implemented effectively, i.e. employees are not familiar with good recordkeeping procedures. E-mail messages are left indefinitely in email system, thus, making it difficult to find needed correspondence and manage it. Constantly growing volume of records is becoming increasingly difficult to effectively manage them. Therefore, in order to address these issues and minimize risks associated with them, we conducted literature review and, taking into consideration organizational context of Cocoa Bean, developed key recommendations for a new records management system. They include: Development of a records management policy. Development of a business classification scheme and a new file plan. Ensuring records security. Implementation of records retention and disposal schedules. Drafting an e-mail management policy. Organization-wide implementation. Phasing the project according to DIRKS (Designing and Implementing Recordkeeping Systems) methodology. Focusing on change management in order to ensure user acceptance. Proposed time frame - 6.5 months. Author keywords: Records management