Empowering the employees’s voice through transfomative mediation

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Oghenemazino Okiemute, Okoro
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MSc in Management Practice
Dublin Business School
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The level of productivity in organisations have oftentimes be undermined by conflict. With the high cost of litigation and the publicity that comes with it organisations have sought for ways of managing conflict the problem is the power imbalance that seem to suppress the employees voice in the several approach adopted As it was putting it to find an approach to managing conflict of interest employees voice the study is designed to understand how transformative mediation empowers the employee resorting to conflict transformation and creating a pathway for Peace its purpose was to investigate implementation and interpretation of transformative mediation. This is qualitative research that is focused on mediators perception interpretation and knowledge of transformative mediation and how it results in empowerment and recognition in the workplace. using a qualitative research methodology with a case study approach interviews were conducted and the findings from the very core of this research in a sat in the transformation position by its popularity could indeed resort and Conflict transformation and Power Ranger parties and giving them a voice in conflict resolution process With little research literature available on applicability of transformative mediation, this research seeks to add to the body of literature and start a conversation on the possibility of cross pollination of the different Media short Styles which is open to further research.