The courage to change : an exploration of the impact of role models and other influential factors on the lives of male criminal offenders

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Hughes, Paul
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BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this study is to provide a small platform for the often-silenced voice of the convicted criminal in society. Ex-prisoners live in all of our communities and are our brothers and sisters, our parents and our children. They are also modeling their lives on some of us and finding a better way to live through rehabilitation and involvement in services and groups that are available to them. The notion of the role model is one that is known to each of us and for many of us the exposure to negative role models has been minimal. But for some of the population of our society, negative role models are par for the course in their early developmental landscape and the influence of negative role models is detrimental to the course of their future. This study reveals the experience of six ex-prisoners in Ireland in relation to role models throughout different stages of their lives. It highlights the negative effects these role models had and it uncovers the change in behaviour of the participants throughout the different life stages. The findings of this study expose the disastrous and destructive impact of illegal drug use on the lives of the chosen sample. The findings of this study introduce the impact of environment on the participants’ lives, the participants’ early developmental experiences, their search for power and ultimately the reparative nature of insight and introspection for the respondents. Author keywords: Role model, criminal behaviour, anti-social behaviour, life stages, environment, addiction, money, influences, familiy impact