Examining the Transformation of IT Departments Post-adoption of Cloud Computing Services

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Varghese, Blesson
Issue Date
MBA in Cloud computing
Dublin Business School
The aim of this research is to explore and understand the evolving roles and functions of IT departments within organizations following the adoption of cloud computing services. Hence the study examines the factors that drive organizations to adopt cloud computing services, further the study analyses the impact of cloud computing adoption on traditional IT department functions. In addition to this, the study identifies the new roles and responsibilities that emerge within IT departments post-cloud adoption. Later, the study assesses the challenges and opportunities presented by the transformation of IT departments and finally, the study provides recommendations for organizations on effectively managing the transition of IT roles in the cloud era. The target population for this research contains 80 IT department professionals who aware of cloud computing services. The gathering of survey data is essential to studying how IT departments have changed since utilizing cloud computing services. The survey instrument was created on the basis of thorough literature review that incorporates validated scales. The survey has gathered quantitative data and it was examined with the help of statistical tools like SPSS 25. Descriptive statistics was implemented in order to analyse the recognize trends. The evolution of IT departments inside the wake of cloud computing adoption indicates a fundamental transformation in roles, features, and organizational strategies. Through this complete look at and by way of drawing upon previous research, it will become obtrusive that cloud adoption has catalysed a paradigm shift, riding IT departments to transition from conventional infrastructure management to strategic enablers of innovation and performance.