A quantitative analysis of consumer behaviour in relation to electronic cars resulting in a new green marketing approach for the German car industry

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Dieterich, Julia
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MBA in Business Management
Dublin Business School
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This academic investigation for the Dublin Business School by Julia Dieterich, an MBA graduate in 2014, will discuss how to market effectively the innovative electronic car in the German automotive sector in relation to a green branding marketing approach. It could be proved that the demand for electronic cars is currently mildly growing and just will be increase in a long term. An optimized marketing approach should help to solve this current industrial problem. A quantitative survey will provide information about why the demand for electronic cars is low and how potential customers in Germany perceive current marketing activities. Based on the identified issues of marketing activities, valuable recommendations on how to market an electronic car successfully in Germany will be provided. Author keywords: Electronic cars, green marketing, German autombile sector, marketing communictaions, branding strategy, greend branding startegy, consumer buying behaviour