Role of information technologies in the implementation of management control systems in the start-ups and SMEs of Ireland

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Mannan, Rana Abdul
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MBA in Information Systems
Dublin Business School
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This research work is based on the role of the information technology in implementation of the management control system for the start ups and the SMEs of Ireland. The aim of the work is to study and assess the role of the latest and modern technological applications for the purpose of setting of the management control system thus helping in the better business and overall growth of the start ups of Ireland. In this research, identification of the matter concerned with the advantages of the information technology sector in for the use of it in the SME sector is presented and elaborated in details. The research work is based on the deductive approach along with the use of the mixed method for the purpose of data collection is used with where both the primary as well as secondary data is used. Researcher has taken into full consideration of all the research guidelines and the ethics so as to minimise any chances of disruptions at the time of the research. From the collection of the primary data which is quantitative in nature depending on the survey conducted and gathering information from reliable sources from this domain has enabled in the fulfilling of the required objectives. The brief explanation of the articles in relation to the topic has also resulted in matching of the observed facts and thus fulfilling the objectives criteria. The results obtained and analysed along with the descriptive analysis of the survey results has led to the proving of the utmost importance of the use of the IT technology for the purpose of the setting of the MCS in the SMEs and start ups of Ireland. It is observed that the current status of the start ups has improved a lot and is evolving continuously and based upon the recommendations provided at the end of the research work on after the research work is conducted will serve to the purpose for the overall development and betterment of the SME and the start up sector of Ireland and be at par in this globally competitive economically concentrated market.