Beyond Affluence: Unveiling the Motivations behind Luxury Clothing Consumption in Mexico

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Acosta Contreras, Karla Diana
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MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics
Dublin Business School
This research aims to investigate the motivations that drive the consumption of luxury clothing in Mexico. Through the review of the previous literature, five main motivations were identified. The methodology chosen for the research was quantitative and was carried out using a survey method. An online, self-administered 25-question questionnaire with attitudinal statements was used to collect primary data. Information was collected from 139 survey participants. Five research objectives were established, which were linked to the five main motivations for the consumption of luxury products. The results revealed that the motivations of Mexicans for the consumption of luxury clothing are mainly two, both of personal effects. The quality of the luxury clothing was the main motivation but they were also motivated by the pleasure of buying and wearing these luxury clothes. This information could be applied by luxury companies to improve their sales strategies and understanding of Mexican consumers.