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Contents: This issue of the Library News focuses on a number of recent events of interest to library professionals and library users. The DBS Library Annual Seminar, now in its third year, was held on Friday, 10th June. This year’s conference had a record attendance and once again proved to be a great medium for communication, mentoring and networking among Library professionals. Marie O’Neill, Head of Library Services, attended a symposium in Trinity College on 19th May. The “Library of the Future, the Future of the Library” was one in a series of library lectures which, according to Marie was organised “not only in a desire to showcase activities at TCD Library but also in a desire to contribute to the wider Library News Dublin Business School Library Newsletter professional library dialogue here in Ireland”. We also focus on the launch of Volume 2, Issue 1, of Studies in Arts and Humanities in a piece written by Deputy Librarian, Jane Buggle. Finally we have a feature by Lara Musto on this year’s Library Camp, which was organised by the Career Development Group and the Academic and Special Libraries Group of the Library Association of Ireland and was held in Castle House last month. The theme of this year’s camp was “Are all librarians teachers?”