Creating better quality of life : investigating the factors which can effect the quality of life of people with Multiple Sclerosis

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Murphy, Louise
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of the study is to examine if factors such as, gender, years since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), if they partook in alternative treatments, type of MS and if they were in remission or relapse, would have an effect on the quality of life (QOL) of people with MS, looking at both the physical impact and the psychological aspects of MS. There were a number of materials used in the study these include the measure MS Impact Scale (MSIS-29), additional questions and a cover letter. As the questionnaires were delivered by post, stamps and envelopes were needed along with stamped addressed envelopes so that the questionnaires could be returned. There were a total of 40 participants for the study all of which came from a clinical setting. All participants were randomly -selected and remain completely anonymous. The study is a between-subjects cross-sectional design, the predictor variable being the factors that effect QOL and the criterion is the QOL. Results showed some significant results in relation to factors which can effect the QOL of people with MS. This concludes that certain variables can result in changing the quality of life of a person living with MS.