Examination the revolution of reading in the French market over the last ten years and intend to do conjectures for the next ten years.

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Notredame, Maude
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Dublin Business School
This research project was conceived in the wake of the last ten years of technological evo- lution and the recent sociological turn of events with the emergence of a global pandemic, the COVID-19. In the space of ten years, reading consumption habits and the book production chain have been strongly impacted. Although the book market regularly suffers from the throes of the eco- nomic situation, new challenges for book professionals are emerging in this difficult situation. Technological and sociological issues that will lead to new communication and marketing strategies. This research project is dedicated to the actors of the book industry, their frustrations facing the closure of their «non-essential» businesses, their struggles to keep their businesses alive, the precariousness of their situations, and their adversities facing this crisis. The actors of books play a primordial role that no other can play in animating our social fabric and our local life to transmit culture and knowledge. Those actors with the capacity for resilience make culture their primary responsibility to those who make reading a virtue accessible to all. «The secret of freedom is the bookshop,» said Bernard Werber.