A predictor of Romantic Relationship tendencies and Interpersonal Trust in male and female Emerging Adults and Adults.

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Reddan, Anya
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This research paper explores romantic relationships and interpersonal trust as an attachment process – a biosocial process by which affectional bonds are formed in romantic relationships and trust in other people just as the affectional bonds formed in the early preverbal stage among infant and their primary caregiver. Secure, worry-ambivalent, avoidant attachment, relational-esteem, relational-depression, relational preoccupation and Interpersonal trust in both emerging adults and adults .Gender differences were also explored. Results showed significant relationships between relational-esteem in emerging adults but not in adults. There was a significant relationship between relational-esteem and attachment-avoidant. A significant relationship between interpersonal trust and relational-esteem was found. There was no gender differences found in romantic relationship tendencies. Author Keywords: attachment, relationship tendencies and interpersonal trust.