The impact of the Internet on the recruitment industry in Ireland

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Murphy, Adele
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MA of Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation analyses and assesses the impact of the Internet on the recruitment industry in Ireland. The main objective is to determine whether the traditional recruitment methods, in this instance, recruitment agencies and print media, will continue to be required in the recruitment process, or will the Internet be the sole recruitment tool of the future. It commences by evaluating the usage of the Internet in the recruitment industry and determining its effect on industry structure and competitive advantage. It proceeds to assess the reaction of the traditional methods to the e-recruitment revolution and how the incorporation of e-strategies has impacted on their core business. It then continues by exploring the issue of recruitment web site security, followed by a concise comparative analysis of legislative frameworks and regulation in the recruitment industries in the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The concept of Customer Relationship Management is examined, as the issue of service is deemed extremely important in the recruitment industry. This is followed by the assessment of the Internet as a customer relationship tool in this industry. An overview of current e-recruitment software solutions designed to accelerate the recruitment process, while simultaneously reducing costs, is provided. Finally, an in-depth analysis of the primary research carried out is presented. This shows a distinct correlation with the secondary research findings, which ultimately leads to the achievement and verification of the overall objective of this dissertation